Bedford Signals Corporation

HDL Modules: Xilinx and Altera FPGAs

Ultra High Bandwidth DSP (400-500 MHz clock)

  • Low Latency Programmable FIR Filters
    time-interleaved, complex, sparse, symmetric, polyphase, decimation, interpolation, and dynamic delay
  • Digital Demodulation and Down Conversion
  • Frequency Hopping Notch Filters
  • Wide and Narrow Bandwidth Cancellers
  • Fading Filter having Doppler spread
  • Fractional Sample Resolution Filters for Dynamic Delay/Doppler/Acceleration/Jerk

Arbitrary Waveform Generation

  • Implements Our Proprietary High Fidelity Algorithm for Multiple Source Multiple Destination Signal Generation (US Patent No. 7782976)

Ultra High Bandwidth Dynamic Propagation Channel Emulation

  • Incorporates gain, Doppler shift, fractional sample resolution dynamic Delay/Doppler/Acceleration/Jerk, and a fading filter having Doppler spread