Bedford Signals Corporation

Bedford Signals Corporation Has Been Issued US Patent 7782976 for Our Multiple Channel Waveform Generator with Dynamic Delay through Symbol Superresolution.

Bedford, MA - 24 August 2010 - Bedford Signals Corporation has been issued United States Utility Patent No. 7782976 for our multiple channel waveform generator with dynamic delay through symbol superresolution. This invention uses symbol oversampling to generate multiple differently delayed outputs from a waveform generator. It allows us to model signal propagation between moving transmitter and receiver arrays in real time for Hardware in the Loop testing. The approach is also suitable for efficient modeling of signal propagation in software simulations. This technique was originally developed for use in our GPS Jammer Simulator.

Bedford Signals Corporation is a privately held company, established in May of 2003 to hurdle the challenges of high bandwidth Digital Signal Processing for Satellite and Terrestrial Communications Systems. Core competencies include communications systems, networks, and protocols - with a focus on sophisticated spatial and temporal array processing for wireless communications systems.

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