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Bedford Signals Corporation Awarded Army SBIR Phase II Contract to Develop a Low Latency Programmable Radio Frequency Filter-Equalizer.

Bedford, MA - 6 February 2012 - Bedford Signals Corporation was awarded a contract by the Army to develop a Low Latency Programmable Radio Frequency Filter-Equalizer. This filter uses advanced DSP techniques to implement low latency tunable filters that can be programmed over a wide range of bandwidths along with user specified equalization. The project was selected under the highly competitive Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II solicitation by the United States Army.

The Army is looking to research and develop a programmable multichannel radio frequency filter-equalizer having a programmable number of channels, each programmable with potentially unequal spacing, bandwidth, and equalization. The challenging goals include latency of less than 50 nS, channel bandwidth from 12.5 KHz to 100 MHz, and 200 MHz tuning range with 70 dB dynamic range. During the Phase I effort, Bedford Signals completed a comprehensive study of hardware architectures, FPGA building blocks, filter architectures, filter design algorithms, and calibration/equalization algorithms. The result was a preliminary design based a 6U-160 Eurocard, and a 160 MHz tuning range demonstration using our High RF Isolation DSP Board.

Under this program, Bedford Signals will develop a low latency self calibrating digital filter prototype meeting Army functional, interface, environmental, and demonstration requirements through hardware design and algorithm tuning. The prototype will include a GUI with a simplified interface that can generate a filter from the specified channel bandwidth, center frequency, passband ripple, stopband rejection, and either transition bandwidth or latency/delay. The resulting technology will be suitable for implementing bandpass, notch, and equalization filters in applications where minimum group delay is essential. This functionality is necessary for a number of applications including software defined radios, radar, co-located interference mitigation, electronic protection, and electronic support.

Bedford Signals Corporation is a privately held company, established in May of 2003 to hurdle the challenges of high bandwidth Digital Signal Processing for Satellite and Terrestrial Communications Systems. Core competencies include communications systems, networks, and protocols - with a focus on sophisticated spatial and temporal array processing for wireless communications systems.

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