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Bedford Signals Corporation Completes Preliminary Testing of High RF Isolation DSP Board.

Bedford, MA - 6 February 2009 - Bedford Signals Corporation has completed unit testing of a new high RF isolation version of our high performance DSP board. This board supports four analog to digital converter (ADC) inputs and four digital to analog converter (DAC) outputs, with a PowerPC and FPGA for control and signal processing. It is intended for high bandwidth high dynamic range applications, and has been used to demonstrate our canceller and frequency hopping notch filter DSP algorithms.

6U CPCI DSP Board The board has four Linear Technologies 16 bit 160 MSPS LTC2209 ADCs and two Analog Devices 16 bit 300/1000 MSPS Dual AD9779 DACs. It is controlled by a Freescale MPC8540 PowerQUICC III processor, with a Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA (general purpose LX 160 or signal processing oriented SX55) for additional processing power. Clocks are generated on board using an OCXO reference, but they can also be provided by external sources. A Voltage Controlled Saw Oscillator is supported for low jitter applications. The DSP board is in a 6U CompactPCI form factor, with a PCI interface, Gigabit Ethernet, and two RS-232/RS-422 serial ports for external communication with the MPC8540.

2 DSP Boards in CPCI Chassis The board supports the latest versions of U-Boot and Linux, and is available for use in new Research and Development projects. With channel to channel isolation over 90 dB, it is ideal for testing deep cancelling and notching algorithms. The board is also suitable for Software Defined Radio (SDR) transmitter and receiver development up to 160 MHz bandwidth using complex sampling. With four ADC channels and two complex DAC channels, the board can support quick prototyping and testing of small Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) transmitter or receiver arrays. Customized versions of this new board are available to our consulting customers for $15,000.00 each.

Bedford Signals Corporation is a privately held company, established in May of 2003 to hurdle the challenges of high bandwidth Digital Signal Processing for Satellite and Terrestrial Communications Systems. Core competencies include communications systems, networks, and protocols - with a focus on sophisticated spatial and temporal array processing for wireless communications systems.

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